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Hi all

im Becky. I live in England and I’m 37. I have 2 sons ages 9 and 6 who are both neurodivergen. I am looking to connect with anyone who needs support, an ear to vent to, a safe non judgmental space to talk. ❤️🧡💛💚💙🩷

Hello beautiful people! I'm Amy, a mid-30s mom of 3 from the US, living in the Tokyo area. I'm still learning and growing as an ally and would be honored to be a stand in for anyone who needs it. Whether you need an ear to listen, a supportive hug or a momma bear to go to bat for you, I'm here to support you.

Hey guys I am haripriya from andhra pradesh india and I am bi its been 1 year I came out and the journey is not easy even after coming our. By the way I am 19 years old. If anyone need emotional support feel free to msg me.

Hi everyone. I'm Jo, a gay dad from South Africa living in Shanghai. I came out very late in my life, I also have two queer kids - I understand the struggles and the difficulties that many in our community face. If you're in Shanghai or China or you just want to cha, give me a shout. xxx Jo

Hello everyone. My name is Analeigh. I do not currently live in Japan, but I will be moving back soon. I am from America, but I speak Japanese conversationally, and understand the social sphere of Japan decently having lived there, and my husband is Japanese. I understand coming out is difficult, and family members may not accept you, but I am always here to talk with and be your friend. よろしくお願いします。


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