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Hi all! I’m Sally. I’m a young-at-heart (but older on reality lol) mum of four. two by blood, two by love

I am straight, cis and in a monagamous relationship.

I’m a strong ally and supporter! Love is love, nobody has the right to dictate where the heart goes!

Im in the Waikato region on New Zealand, happy to be here if anyone needs support. I know it’s not the same thing but my own bio mother won’t have anything to do with me… long story short, she would frequently ‘disown’ me if I didn’t do as I was told, when I was told, how I was told…. Then id have to basically beg and apologise for things that didn’t happen to be ‘allowed back in’

Final straw was when my then three year old was in ICU after a major surgery, she wanted me to leave him there and stop a friend of mine from chatting to a friend of hers. I wouldn’t leave my baby so I was ‘disowned’ agsin.

because she had so little respect for my child, his health or his life, that was the final straw for me

so I know first hand. Family isn’t always blood. I’m happy to grow my family and I’d welcome you if you ever needed me ❤️



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