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Kia ora!

My name is Fran, a 33 year old cis bi disabled woman based in Auckland, New Zealand ❤️

As a dressmaker and hair and makeup artist I'm kind of an expert on special occasions 😅I've been lucky enough to part of big huge moments in the lives of hundreds of people over the years, and for a number of those I've been the only person there to get people ready, zipping people into their dresses or straightening ties and fixing their hair, telling them that it's all going to be magical.

It's such a privilege to be part of these events, so if you are looking for a caring and enthusiastic hype gal with a bag of tricks, a big stick to kneecap anyone who isn't there to support you, and a top-notch pep talk before you walk down the aisle, across the stage, or anywhere in between, then please don't hesitate to reach out ❤️


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