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Hi everyone. I am a 54 year old ally in the San Joaquin County. I've been married to my crazy English (now American) husband for over 20yrs. We weren't blessed with any two-legged children so any we've had are furry four-leggeds. Our current "baby girl" is a 5yr old pit-boxer mix that LOVES wearing t-shirts and pajamas (how can you NOT love a pittie in pjs???). I lost a nephew that was trans, to suicide, and I realize we weren't there for him the way we really should have been. I feel a lot of guilt about that. He was very loved but probably felt all alone, and if I can help anyone not feel so alone, I will do my damned-ist to do so. I can be a surrogate Mom, Auntie, Sister, Cousin...whoever you need. Need sometone to stand up with you for a wedding? Baby Shower? Graduation? You let me kow. Not only do I have broad shoulders, and a good ear, I have lots of chosen family myself, who will be there if they can too. I will not be a yes person, and tell you what you want to hear, for the sake of it... I feel honest communication is very important in any relationship. That being said, if I do tell you something, it will be straight from the heart. Sending hugs, much love and wishes for a wonderful day

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