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I am located in Montreal, QC. I am 42. I am open to standing in/up for anyone who needs it. I could make a young dad, brother, uncle, whatever you need. I am here for everyone. I know how lonely and isolating it can be and whether you are gay, bi, lesbian, and trans and everything in between.

I love the joining of love of between two people and believe that day should be a special one. I can help from beginning to end, with event planning, make-up and all around pulling things together.

Weddings are not just days I support. Any event in your life that is important to you, will be important to me.

I am knew to this but I want to ensure people have someone in their corner as often in life I have not. Who knows, perhaps someday I'll find my partner and need a stand in. My parents would never attend.

Until then, may you find peace and stillness in these challenging times. We are in this together.


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