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Hi! :)

I am Paula, a 24 old lesbian from NRW, Germany, who is currently living in Bologna, Italy. If someone needs a friend or a familymember in these areas or also online - feel free to reach out, I would be more than happy to give you a shoulder to lean on and accompany you in different life events.

To build communities is such an important thing and I am so thankful for all the beautiful humans on this platform. We are stronger together! <3

Amanda Fox (She/Her)

Hi. I’m from the US but now based in London. I’m a gay dad and I know what it’s like to get married without your parents there. If anyone needs a stand in dad or support, let me know.

Amanda Fox (She/Her)

Hi, I came across this website that is working on creating a worldwide map of queer owned and friendly spaces, I think it's relatively new and American based, so there's not that many places in Europe on it but I'm hoping, more and more spaces will be added. If anyone knows any queer spaces, one can let the owner of them know so they can fill out a form and be added on the map.

Thought this might interest some people here, have a nice day.

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Amanda Fox (She/Her)

Saying hello from Vienna. Open to connections and mutual support. Until then nice to meet you.


I understand that this is the US website. Does anyone know whether American groups have a discord or some other way to stay in touch? I think they might be using Facebook? @Zombie Dan any advice on how to best message other members, how do you guys do this in the US?

Manu (she/her)


Welcome to the group! You can connect with other members, ge...