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Hallo liebe Leute, I'm Carissa (pansexual American living in Göttingen), and planning to propose to the love of my life, Elz (genderqueer Armenian in Austria), soon. We are both expats, and we have some support from my family but not from Elz' side. I have never felt so happy, excited, and lonely about something in my life!

If you are a mom who is comfortable speaking English, Russian, or Armenian, please reach out! Elz' mom does not acknowledge our relationship and some mom-love and encouragement could do us good. I personally wish I had an auntie, uncle, or cousin in Germany to lean on, help with wedding decision-making, and maybe be there for the big day :) If this speaks to you, just write me - we'd be happy to connect and get to know you 🤗

A hug,


Steffi (she/her)


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