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Hello!! My name is Crystal (she/her). I am a 48-year-old straight woman who has been an ally as long as I can remember. My mother had gay (the overarching term that we used in the 80s) friends when I was young and I didn‘t know that there were people out there that thought differently than we did about our friends. I don’t have children because I am not the type to raise children but I have always thought I would enjoy having adult children. To be there through the milestones and big life decisions. So it seems like I have found my calling with this group. I can be a sister, aunt, cousin, and even a mother for your milestones and your big life decisions. I also want to mention that I am mixed race (Black and Turkish) in case that is important for your support system. Oh yes, and I am in Des Moines. It would be an honor to stand in pride with any of you!

Renee Hamlen


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