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Hi 👋 I'm Maggie, living in South Kerry near Kenmare. If anyone needs a support in the Munster area, get in touch. I'm happy to travel. I love the ethos of this group and have had plenty of friends go through a big break up with their birth family for millions of different reasons... So I've already been a stand in for them in some cases. I'm a good listener and have worked in confidential settings all my life, so I am here to help if needed and could also arrange a stand in dad in this part of the country too. We would be honoured to help anytime.

Hi! I'm Julie, I'm French and live near the Alps but I can go to Ireland if needed. I am a queer pansexual woman and would love to be a stand in Sister / cousin, or even just a friend, for anyone who would need it


I‘m Jenni, I’m 40, and I’m based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I’m a queer woman. I have no kids of my own and I’d love to be a stand-in mum or sister and help you to make your big day enjoyable and special. Everyone deserves to celebrate their love and feel supported on their wedding day/graduation/whatever. I hope I can do that!

Hi I'm Hazel. I'm Dublin based and happy to be a stand in Mom or Sister or just to be there to support anyone navigating this crazy world. I'm a cis woman and my pronouns are she/her. Anyway if anyone needs anything at all, even if it's just to grab a coffee and vent I'm here

Hi there! We're a husband and wife photographer team - we don't have any human children of our own and would love to be a part of your life if you need us. We have a lot of love to give and great legs for standing in on, whatever the occasion. We don't have to come as part of a package, either of us is happy to stand in separately or together. You are so loved, you're perfect exactly as you are and if you're within reasonable range of Co. Cavan and we can make it work, we'll be there! Milca & Andy



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