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Hi everyone! Mom of 3 in the Wichita area. Happy to lend an ear and offer mom-adjacent support.

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    Hello! My name is Shannon and I am in the KC metro and happy to travel throughout MO or Western KS. I have been married to my husband for 15 years and am in my late 40's. Proud mom to 4 kids - 2 adopted and 2 biological but I can't remember which is which 😉. My 13 yo daughter is LGBTQ and I am so proud of her and feel so grateful she has never had to question her worth or acceptance in our family or hide who she is .. and wish every child/person could have that - even if they need to find family somewhere else. I would be honored to be available to be that for anyone, no exceptions.

  • Hi, I'm Rita from Hesston, KS. I'm a mom of 2 beautiful grown adults, one of which is married and she and her partner are LGTBQIA. I can not imagine not having been part of their wedding and their lives. I would be honored to be a part of your day and stand in pride by your side.

    Edited to add: my husband Doug would also be honored to stand with you!

  • Mary Lover

    Hi all you beautiful people! LGBTQ woman here (she/her/hers/) Mom of 2 kids, one is LGBTQ as well. I have no family so I know what that's like. From Wichita, KS area and am a Mama Bear who will and can be there for ANYONE needing hugs support love and ear to listen, stand next to you thru anything etc. Love to you all 🌈❤️

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    I’m so happy to join this group! My name is Sarah but I also answer to Spencer. Living in Wichita, I am a mom, teacher, and ally. Happy to be a stand in or a forever family!

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