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Hi, I'm Ender. I am in the Aitkin county area. I am a 40yro mom and spouse. My son is a 19yro gay man, and my wife is a 34yro trans woman. We are reptile, tarantula, and wildlife rescuers. I am also a disabled veteran. We are always looking to adopt new family members and friends. We are available to be your family and friends, and will gladly support you in your big moments, and little ones too. If you need someone to talk to at 3am, that's ok. Text me and we can chat or call. My family will do our best to support you however we can. We love D&D and are huge history nerds. I am also an artist and my wife is a musician. My son plays a lot of games and is always looking for more people to play with on steam and discord. You're not alone. Let me know if we can help. We got you.


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