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My name is Marie, I’m 40 years old, from Monmouth County, my cousin came out a several years ago and I love and accepted her as always because love is beautiful, but she moved to Texas to be a support system for her sister after the birth of her child and somehow her sister got involved with a church who has “Christian” values that aren’t so Christ worthy and now my cousin doesn’t feel accepted by her sister who continues to take her services as a Free babysitter and my cousin is so respectful to her sister, she even continues the religious things her sister requests her to do while caring for her son, I do my absolute best to support my cousin in Texas but it hurts me to think she feels less love than she deserve and at the hands of her sister, so if you need a cousin, sister or just someone who will love you unconditionally I would be there for you! I’m a Seasoned traveler, I can get anywhere in New Jersey & My passport is always handy. This doesn’t just apply to wedding or wedding events. Love always, because love should always win! xoxo

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