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My name is Claudia and I live in Albuquerque! I am a fierce cis ally to the LGBTQIA family & community and am ready to be family for you!! I would love to be that Crazy Aunt who takes you dress or suit shopping, cake tasting, and/or helps get you registered, all while being there for you however you need. Sometimes it's life advice, sometimes its laughter! You don't have to be getting married to need family, either. If you would like your Crazy Aunt to be there for you, I'll be there for you!!

* I can support friends in Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and Bernalillo only *

  • DaNell Zepeda

    Hello! My name is Alexis & I’m an author & healthcare worker in Albuquerque and I’m here to talk, listen, get coffee, shop for that wedding outfit, or just be that sister or mom you need. You are loved & valued! ❤️

  • Claudia

    Hi everybody! my partner and I are a lesbian couple in alamogordo. im here if anyone needs a friend :)

  • Hi! My name is DaNell and my wife and I are a birqcial queer couple in Albuquerque with a trans teen. My wife is a DJ and I am ordained but all three of us would be happy to stand in however we are needed.

  • H

    I'm 58 with two adult stepkids. I'm in the Albuquerque area and give free hugs. I'm also a great listener.

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