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My name is Heidi Beemer and I am an instructor of Physics at the United States Military Academy. I need some help from the community. We are hosting a conference 19-21 Jan called the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics. The conference is for all women and underrepresented gender minorities focusing on students taking physics at the college level. This weekend event focuses' on students' journey in male-dominated spaces and is a safe weekend to meet with peers and network. We have a ton of awesome speakers coming from industry and government, however, we are struggling to find some awesome queer representation for our panels. We are looking for Cis queer women or transwomen or transmen who have a physics background or work in a field related to physics that would be interested in sharing their experiences. We can pay for food and lodging for the weekend at West Point or offer an honorarium for the attendance. If you or anyone you know is interested, please let me know. I do not want me and my wife to be the only ones present when we are running the conference.



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