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Hey! My name is Hanna and I am posting for my family and I! We live in Rockland County, NY and would love to support those who need it! My parents would like to be more involved than just attending your events, and would prefer for you to be like family-friends; attend family barbeques, movie nights, pickleball, dungeons dragons sessions, etc... in addition to us attending your events.

More information about us: There are four of us, my mother and father, myself, my little brother, with our pets, dog, pig and hamster. We are a fun household which you can often find with a pride flag flying out front, my mother is on the board for CANDLE Rockland, we attend the Nyack pride parade as a family, and all of those who are welcomed into our household have similar beliefs or are LGBTQ+ themselves. The only 'people' in our household who are not the kindest are our pets; they are a bit apprehensive around new people, but warm up after a while.

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