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North Carolina

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Hey! I'm Angela but everyone calls me Ang or Mama. I'm located in Mecklenburg county close to the South Carolina line. I'm a Mom of 5 (ages 19,twins 30, 31, 32), Grandma of 8 and Mama to lots and counting. I am a proud Mom of a transdaughter! We have lost family because of strict religious beliefs and honestly I'm perfectly fine with their absence. I'm semi-retired after a long career as an EMT. I am absolutely comfortable with any and every conversation because if you have the courage to ask the question or start the conversation then I will have the same courage (that's what I've always told my kids). I am all about peace and love but also not afraid to "bless" somebody's heart for you! I'm here for whatever you need- need someone to advocate for you with medical professionals- I got you; need someone to hug you- super love hugs; need someone to listen to you- I got you even if it's PTSD,depression or just sitting in silence; need someone to partake in shenanigans- follow me; need laughter- my most favorite thing to do! Be warned that I tell pretty much everyone that I love them because we need more love always!

Peace, love and big hugs,


Zona G


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