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Hi! My name is Zona. I live in Indian Trail (North Carolina). I am bi-sexual, have a loving husband and 2 teenage step-sons. This along with my 4 cats, 2 hedgehogs, 2 sugar gliders. I am also a pyrography artist (I draw pretty pictures on wood and other canvases). I started my own business I 2021. I love what I do.

If you need a non-judgemental ear, someone to go dress shopping with, go through the "wedding madness" with (including crying about the people who don't accept your truth), or just someone non-biased to vent to... Please... reach out. If you are in a dark place... there's an end... reach out.. I've been there.

My ex's mother was not so accepting of her lifestyle, but over time she accepted me and our relationship, but it was HARD until she did. My ex had "scars" and I cried with her many nights. If you need a shoulder to cry on, reach out.

EVERYONE deserves to live their truth, without judgement.


- Zona

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