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Hi my name is michael.

I am not exactly sure how you go about showing your worthy of a found family, so I am just going to tell part of my story. I am in my late 30s I was outed as a gay man by a journal I kept when I was 15 years old. I was living with my father at the time that said that whole line about lining them all up against a wall to save on bullets. My mother said she would rather I be a murder only two years before she passed away from cancer did, she get okay with it. I had nine siblings. Now I don’t have any family I am a disabled hermit that has never been part of the LGBTQ community, there isn’t one in the small town I live in and can’t seem to escape. I just don’t want to be alone anymore with only the evitable reject to greet me when it drives me to reach out to my blood. I don’t know how this works but I hope it does no one is meant to be this lonely.



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