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Hi y’all!

I’m Jill (she/her). I’m an ally who would love to offer my support in any way I can! I live in SE Portland with my husband and 12 year old. I’m a multimedia student and writer/artist. I have a lot of experience planning events and creating decor. I’m also really good listener. And I’m still learning, but I’m getting decent at video production and various multi media platforms.

We don’t get a say in the family that we have when we are born. But the collective community and family that we create throughout our lives; the ones we chose, are what I have found to be the most enriching and beautiful ones we experience, and they define what a family truly is and should be.

I’m so glad that I found this little group of like-minded loves. And thank you to the founder for such an and thank you to the founder for such a fantastic idea. It would be an honor to get invited to help out in any way! Cheers!!



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