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My husband and I are proud parents of three children, and we just had the honor of attending our sons (youngest) wedding to his wonderful husband.

Our son never “came out” he just always was. When we met Carlos we were blessed to welcome the sweetest and most caring human into our lives. He had just started hormones and too surgery was a dream in the future. Carlos was always artistic, kind, and caring, but before his surgery he was also sad and withdrawn. The day he was finally able to get it done, two years later we saw this shy boy literally transition into a confident young man. A year later he and our son packed up all of their stuff and moved to Seattle. 6 months later, married.

The entire time Carlos had some struggles with his parents. We were really worried they wouldn’t come. But they decided to at the last minute.

We don’t want anyone to ever not have the support of a mom or dad for anything, let alone such a huge milestone. So, we decided that we wanted to be stand in parents for anyone in the community who doesn’t have any.

We in Hill Country but are able to travel anywhere in Texas with enough notice.

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