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My name is Melissa and I live just north of Austin close to Liberty Hill. I am a proud parent of the greatest non binary person on the planet and both of us have sooo much space and love that we are happy to adopt anyone who needs us.

A little about us..

I am an antique dealer, love heavy metal, am bisexual and I have done it ALL when it comes to life. I've been everything from homeless to wealthy, I've been down the painful road of addiction..but now 20+ yrs sober, I'm unfortunately familiar with abuse and now my world view is colored with terrible mom jokes and good cookies 😂.

My teenager is really into DnD, is a fantastic artist, has the sarcasm and wit that will leave you in stitches, is fiercely defensive of the people they love and truly takes no shit.

You need a mama who will help you?

You want to have a sibling that will tease you, love you and hang out with you? Just send out the bat signal. We will be there. ❤️

Love you already and I haven't even met you yet.

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