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Can anyone help me? Going to try and make this brief. I'm 35. I identify as a woman. I've spent the entirety of my life stuck in the Bible Belt in West Texas (awful I know) and living with my parents. I have terrible social anxiety due to constantly being misgendered and people not "knowing what I am" so I've always preferred to never leave the house. Unfortunately, this has prevented me from being able to support myself. I've never really had the funds to do the hormone thing unfortunately and never could afford laser hair removal and this has caused me lots and lots of dysphoria. My dad passed away 4 years ago and was extremely homophobic/transphobic. I'm now living with my mother but she is also a bit transphobic. She refuses to acknowledge me in a way that I would prefer and is constantly calling me "son" and "he" and she's completely embarrassed of me. Yesterday my little brother called me a "f*g" and my mother refused to correct him. I cannot live like this anymore. I need someone to help me. I have very little to my name but if I don't get out of this environment soon I am going to go crazy. I'd love to live in the Houston/Dallas area or even San Antonio (any major city in Texas really) but because I live so far away from those cities it's hard to find a place for me to go. I don't know what to do. I tried posting ads on Craigslist seeing if a kind hearted person could take me in on a temporary basis but the ads always get flagged and I get lots of nasty replies from people attacking me for being trans. I know this is a long shot.....but if there's anyone on here who lives in any of the major cities in Texas and could take me in....please message me? This is my life on the line. I'll be able to get there on my own but just need a place to stay temporarily. I don't smoke or drink, or do drugs. No kids. No pets. It's just me. Please someone help me I'm desperate and need to get out of here.


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