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Hi! My name is Quinn ((He/They)) and I’m 20 ((I turn 21 in July)) Trans Masc and Gay. I have Autism, C-ptsd, along with a whole list of other mental and physical issues. But! I like to think I am a really nice person who can be fun to be around once I open up. I love horror media, video games, art, and baking. I also Live in the Waco, Tx area. ^-^ ((Also I feel like I should say that I haven’t started my transition yet! there are personal things going on in my life where I don’t feel safe too yet, but I hope to start this year! ;-;))

To be completely honest I come from two different families who are homophobic in their own way. One being such biblical people they don’t respect the fact I identify as trans. And the other side of my family being such manipulative alcoholics they don’t even realize I have changed so much from when I was younger. But either way, none of them really love me for being Quinn, they just love the old me.

I haven’t ever been really accepted as someone who loves playing video games or been obsessed with horror. And to be honest I really want someone like a father figure or someone I can spend time with and go do fun things with, like go see movies, play video games…or just have someone to check up on my and make sure I’m okay.

although I am always willing to be here to be a big brother to others to those who need it! 💖☺️

Anyway, if you actually read through all of this, great job! And I hope everyone knows that they are valid and loved, and deserving of love from people. ^-^

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