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Howdy folx! My name is Sarina Jones. I am the mom of two of the cutest kiddos (almost 4 & newly 6), have been with my husband for almost 18 years (married for 9), and am a social worker. My passion is all things birth, boobs (lactation), and babies and I put that to work as a perinatal social worker. Though we adults are heterosexual (we‘ll let the kids determine their own path/labels as they grow!)), we are here to support any and every body!

Need some cute ass flower kids or ring bearers? Gotcha covered. Need a dude or dudette of honor? Sure thang chicken wang (waiiitttt, maybe I should stick to not trying to sound hip 😅). Need some dad jokes? Hubs would LOVE to share. Need some bad dancers with minimal style to diversify an event Where everyone is just so effing good at dancing and dressing? CHECK!

Seriously though, we can be what you need. And because I would be particularly good at filling the role of a birth companion given my passions/training/heart, I would be happy to be the shoulder/ear you need through pregnancy/birth/postpartum, can hold your hand and give hip squeezes during birth, and/or helping with family planning. Heck, even if you just need a mom to give you some parenting advice (I even just spent the last two years facilitating Parenting groups for parents wanting to create healthy attachment, avoid adverse childhood experiences for their kids, build family resilience, and reparent yourself while parenting).

anyway, talk to you soon. Love you, mean it.


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