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*waves hello from Essex*

I'm a straight, single woman with a grown up son who lives at home. I have many and varied interests along with many and varied friends. I do have a few long term life limiting conditions but I do what I can.

Am happy to be a stand in mum, aunt, sister, listening ear...xx


My names Rhona, based in Helsbugh Scotland (1 hour form Glasgow). Married to my husband with two boys.

Happy to be of any support.

Hi everyone,

I am Jay, a 37year old lesbian, recently married to my partner, after 15 years, and we have a little mini Dachshund.

I am london based, of south asian descent, and a 1st gen immigrant. I know first hand how difficult it is to feel rejected by one's birth family, especially in ethnic minority communities and still to this day.

Good Morning Everyone.

I'm a mum of 5 living in the Bedford Area. Im 50 and have 3 animals who I dote on, a Pug called Otis, a cat TC (whom is a support pet for my youngest son) and a snake called DD (Daryl Dixon) and you can guess why! One of my sons is gay and my only daughter lesbian. I fully and wholeheartedly support all my children and guide them as best I can. If anyone needs support, or a companion to be at any function for support I'm willing to help. 🤗

Hi I'm Kate - I'm 43 and mum of 1. I live with my husband, son and cat near Cambridge UK. I'm bisexual.

I'd be honoured to support any person at any event who needs a family member sister, friend, mum.



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