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Hello, my name is Kit. I am a 28 year old transmasculine Non-binary person (he/they), I am also pansexual and an active member of the lgbtqia+ community. My other half's name is Cal (32) he currently just identifies as "queer" whilst he figures out his full identity. We love a chance to get dressed up and make other people happy!

Myself and my queer family live in southwest Scotland.

I am a papa to two amazing tiny allies and partner to a wonderful queer human (who hasn't settled on his label yet) we are more than happy to be stand in Parents, Unkys etc. And adopt some new nieces, nephews and nibblings into our family.

We have a love of everything fantasy, witchy, vikings etc. And classify ourselves as "massive nerds!", currently planning a LOTR themed wedding ourselves !

I personally have lost family and friends due to my identity and have had to do a lot of things on my own and I don't want anyone else to have to feel like they're alone in this world.

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