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hey everyone, My name is bastian (he,him,his) I am a transgender person who doesn’t really have any family (besides my 2 siblings that live in NY state who i love very much but never get to see) my mother is very mentally unwell and suffers from various mental illnesses that effect her ability to parent, especially as I was a young child so our relationship is almost nonexistent though I try to mend that relationship I can only do so much. I didnt have any grandparents, aunts or uncles they all disowned my parents for religious reasons or something Or have all passed away. And well my father no longer speaks to me because im trans and because hes moved on with his new life/ out of the country. Anyways Im a student at wooden boat building school in port townsend washington and im trying to navigate all sorts of things around being in school/looking at what college i want to go to next and having no normal /formal education its just a lot. In general I’ve realized theres a gap in my heart for the love that is grandparents and other healthy adult mentors. I raised myself the best i could and ive been through alot of ups and downs and im very proud of where I’ve gotten but honestly i just want more love and friendship and wisdom in my life. A Community of elders and folks who have been around and are passionate and reliable and kind.

my interests include: wooden boat building, wood working, electrical engineering , learning bout engines, metal working, ceramics, art, hiking, fishing, nature, food not bombs and other types of volunteer work , travel, meditation, antiques.

I think maybe id like to meet some folks and have some new community in my life. I often spend the holidays cooking for folks in need but i thought maybe this year could look different ? Also thought bout how at my grad from the first program i did in schoolni didn’t have any family and i found the instagram for stand in pride and thought maybe i should see what out there?

thanks for reading my post ❤️

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