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Hi all! My name is Ashley (she/they) and I live in Spokane with my soon-to-be wife and our two dogs. I would be so thrilled to participate in your day in whatever way you need, as a friend, family member, or even just as a reliable person you can order around on the big day! I've helped several friends with their weddings and have lots of day-of madness experience.

On a personal note, I am a late-bloomer lesbian and was previously in a heterosexual marriage for 8 years. I know all about the baggage that comes with coming out late in life, as well as the stress of a second wedding and the anxiety that can come with coming in to your own queerness. If you're getting a little overwhelmed by similar feelings and are looking for support in that journey, I am here for you!

You are loved, and you are brave 💙 looking forward to meeting you!



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