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I’m here for it. Chatting or an in-depth conversation, me just actively listening, taking a walk, shopping, doing something fun and letting loose a little with a person you don’t know- I’ve done a lot, seen more, and spent time with folks from many paths in my 45 years. I’ve recently created a child, unexpectedly, and am having so much fun (now that they are a toddler). My inner mom has bloomed. I can offer you support, empathy, and love. I had to be a quick study when my Gen Z niece came out to me and my brother denied her reality. Another Gen Z nephew is trans and Ive done my best to pick up the ways to support him as the family politics flared. I’m a cis/ het strong ally. Come sit under my tree to rest with this mama cat if you need a break on your journey. Or let’s get dressed up and have some fun. Seattle.



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