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Hi! I'm Jasmine, a queer 28 year old in West Seattle. I'm usually the type of person to volunteer to help someone on things like this, but for the first time, I'm the one who needs help.

I need a stand in mom or dad to go to coffee with. I started grad school for my 3rd degree and I'm struggling through it like it's nobody's business. I've come so far by myself from the worst moments of my life over the last few years, but starting school has been challenging every aspect of my mind, body, and soul's progression. My mom, bless her heart, just doesn't know how to find enough empathy to support me. (Suggesting I quit even though I just started). I honestly need a big hug and some moral support. This is so hard to even ask honestly, but if you can be a stand in mom or dad over coffee to empathically support your kid starting school again after the toughest few years of her life, that'll be warmly welcomed. 😊

Also, shout out to all of you for being so welcoming to people who need you all, like myself. It's actually scary out here to need a parent who isn't there or refuses to be there. I saw this group months ago, but today while feeling like a failure and extremely overwhelmed, I remembered this group exists. So thank you. 💞

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