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Hello, lovelies! I'm Kait (she/her) I'm bisexual, in my mid 30s, and married to an amazing ace man named Greg (he/him). We would be honored to be your nerdy DINK (dual income, no kids) friends, sibs, cousins, auntie/uncle, or parents! We live near Lake Geneva, in a 125 year old house with two cats, a Standard Poodle, and a a guinea pig! Oh, did I mention we're HUGE nerds? Board games, video games, movies, books, D&D... if you need some accepting, safe, fun folks to get your geek on with, look no further! We also do theatre, so there's lots of singing and shenanigans in our home!

We'd be honored to be part of your special occasions, weddings, engagements, as well as a support system for life's less fun stuff. We're even down to just chill if you need a safe place with non-judgmental folks.

Sending love and hugs your way!



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